Hi! Meet the OBR's!

Hi! Welcome to out little travel page! My name is Emily and my wife Anneliese and I are crazy about music, travel and each other! Our intention behind our travel page is to inspire others to get out there and see things! We especially want to assist the newer travelers with some tips on how we do what we do and how you can too!

We don't want to tell you about what to do in each city and place we go (unless you ask), our website is more about the how to. It's about HOW, with what and why.

Over the last 4 years that we have been together, we have visited 17 countries and counting!  Next stop: Iceland!

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Our story... in a nut shell.

Anneliese is an insanely talented hairdresser with a fiercely loyal clientele that she has built over the 14 years of her doing business. She runs her own business and gets to create her schedule as she like it.

Emily is a Manger and bartender at a ridiculously busy bar in the heart of San Diego. This is how Anneliese and Emily first met, then Emily started getting her hair done by Anneliese, and the REST is history!

They took their first trip together to San Francisco in September of 2012, then got married the very next year! So far they've visited over 80 cities and 17 countries!

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What we offer here:

On our page, you will find different lists of what we do. For instance, below you will find our top MUST HAVE travel items. Whenever we go on an international trip, these are the things we cannot live without!

That's just an example!

Other topics might include:

*How to utilize your points on your credit card

*How to pack for 2 weeks with only carryon luggage

*How do we find the BEST flights for less

If you have a topic you might like our insight on, please shoot us an email, and we might feature your topic!

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1. PacSafe Back packs: Hands down our favorite item! We found out about PacSafe right before our first European trip. We were going to be in quite a few very crowded places and with that come PICKPOCKETS! We love PacSafe for so many reason. It is slash proof, the zipper pulls lock down and hide away, the zippers themselves are impenetrable, there are many hiding places for important things (like passports and cash) and there are RFIDsafe blocking pockets so thieves can't steal all your information and identity! You never thought about that, did ya?! We didn't either. Click the link at the bottom of the page to check them out for yourselves!


2. PacSafe carry on luggage. Just like the back packs, these are slash proof with the fancy zippers. They also hold a ton of stuff! Anneliese does our packing and she can fit 3 weeks worth of clothes in this bad boy. Scroll all the way down and check them out!

3. Electronic adapters/converters. This was confusing for me at first. Adapters will pop on our American plugs and (for instance) charge your phone or a battery. You will need a CONVERTER if you plan on bringing your curling iron or charging your computer. Always check what voltage your new country uses and make sure the converter is compatable. You can Google what adapters you'll need and then pick both up on Amazon!

4. Starbucks Via (instant coffee).  If you are anything like me, I don't leave the house without 2 cups of coffee. Sometimes, hot water is more available than a coffee shop. These little Vias come in individual packets and are very easy to travel with. YES, it is instant coffee but it's better than nothing and they actually taste pretty good! If you cant get those, (don't laugh) Nescafe has instant coffee and it does the trick too. In Europe there are even Nescafe packets that contain coffee,milk and/or sugar! All in one packet! BOOM!

5. FUJI Camera, Lenses and tripod. Don't leave home with out them!

6. Beats headphones.  Sure any old ear bud will do, but these headphones also help block out some of that airplane noise (ahem.. crying babies and loudmouthed people) and have quality sound! Don't forget, if you are traveling internationally you might need and adapter for the plane's seat!

7. Claritin.  Last but not least! This one is a life saver if you have allergies at all. Sure, the allergies you are used to are bad, but who knows! You might be allergic to some weird tropical tree or flower that you've never come in contact with. Better safe than sorry, I say!


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